Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Battery Charger




  • SUN GOLD POWER 3000 W Peak 9000 W Pure Sine Wave

  • 1. This APC Series Pure Sine Wave  ” inverter ”is a combination of an in v e r t e r, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch.
  • G F CI socket ,low frequency,low Idle Current,B TS cable, remote control
  • 2. Adjustable Charging Current:
  • The max charge current can be adjusted from 0%-100% via a liner switch at the right of the battery type selector.
  • This will be helpful if you are using our powerful charger on a small capacity battery bank.the liner switch can effectively reduce the max charging current to 20% of its peak.
  • Choosing “0” in the battery type selector will disable charging function
  • 3. AC/Battery Priority: Our ” inverter ” is designed with AC priority by default, when AC input is present, the battery will be charged first, and the” inverter ”will transfer the input AC to power the load.
  • The ” inverter ” can be easily customized to Battery priority via a DIP switch, When you choose battery priority, the ” invert er ”’ will invert from battery despite the AC input.
  • 4. Auto Gen Start:the ” invert er ”can be customized to start up a generator when the battery voltage goes low.
  • When the ” inverter ” goes to low battery alarm, it can send a signal to start a generator, and turn the generator off after battery charging is finished.
  • The auto gen start feature will only work with generators designed to work with this feature.
  • 5. Protections: AC input over voltage protection/AC Input low voltage protection/Low battery alarm/
  • High battery alarm /Over temperature protection/Over load protection Short Circuit protection (1 s after fault)
/Back feeding protection
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