My idea for free energy

My idea for free energy

Idea 1

Many wise people have tried to build a magnetic engine that produces free energy. I also see a lot in my daily search through energy alternatives. What I learned is that free energy to produce should use machinery. The machines and materials needed to build the generator have the cost and not that everything is taken from somewhere and is placed somewhere else

Idea 2

The permanent magnet and electromagnet respects the same rule.

There is also this so-called “free energy” zero point energy, mathematically proven by many scientists. I am an amateur for the production of electromagnetic energy.

Idea 3

Today I’m writing such an idea as an inspiration, because I often think of building a magnetic engine, one of my favorite energy themes, for which I have not heard much lately.

Here is the whole process of transforming the energy of an electromagnetic force into a push interaction of a permanent magnet force.

The idea is to turn this force into rotating mechanical energy .

.Idea 4

Idea for a motor energy free

“Think of two forces in the magnetic field of the magnetic field at the push. The electromagnetic field of the stater varies depending on the electric current in the winding, while the magnetic field in the rotary is dependent on the force exerted by the stater.

The force of the magnetic field “rotary-stater” equates to the change of electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic field, according to the law.

A fixed plate on the revolving disc with the stater side with the ‘Rotor’ disk surface makes it possible to rotate the wheel.

On this principle of electromagnetic force, with the use of permanent magnet force, it is possible to use a revolving variable speed swing at speeds.

This makes it possible to produce any type of free electromagnetic motor.


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